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Juggling is the art of manipulating objects through space and time. Often this is done to create the illusion of defying gravity. There are many different ways to create this illusion, and there are many different props to reflect the different styles.

Ball Juggling


This is likely the oldest kind of juggling – it was first documented 4000 years ago in an Egyptian tomb. The greatest number of balls anyone has officially juggled is 10; I can juggle 7, Not bad eh?

Ring Juggling


Rings are a relatively new prop, brought about by modern manufacturing techniques. They tend to look hypnotizing, spinning through the air in various patterns. They also tend to hurt a lot when they fall on your head...

Clubs Juggling


Clubs are awesome. They are not bowling pins, or juggling pins, or sticks. They are clubs. You can do a whole bunch of really fantastic tricks with clubs because of their asymetrical shape and spin-ability. Er, I can, that is. You can try if you want, but you might end up hurting yourself...

Bounce Juggling


Whoever invented this is a genius! When learning new tricks, one often drops more than they catch, but with bounce juggling they come right back! The goal of bounce juggling is actually to drop... just imagine! Thanks, gravity!

Contact Juggling


This is probably the coolest way to juggle. Contact juggling often involves only one ball, and it is not even thrown. Rather, it is rolled around one's body and isolated in one unit of space while the juggler moves their body around it. It literally mesmerizes people so completely that they drool while they watch. Just don't stand too close, please!