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Unicycling is the art of riding an apparatus with only one wheel. This means no handlebars, no breaks, and no designated traffic lanes. There is nothing whatsoever keeping the seat upright, and unlike a bicycle, you can quite easily fall backward, forward, left or right.

As surprising as it sounds, there are many different ways to ride a unicycle.

Here are just a few of the ways:

Freestyle Unicycling


This is a simple exploration of the different ways in which one can balance on only one wheel. As if balancing on one wheel is simple.... some examples of tricks include idling (rocking back and forth in the same place), riding backwards, pirouettes, one-foot riding, no-foot riding (yes, people can actually do this...), and wheel-walking (rather than turning the pedals, you sit on the seat and walk the wheel forward with your feet)

Giraffe Unicycling


A “Giraffe” is the name for a tall unicycle, in which there is a chain between the pedals and the wheel. They can range in size from 3 feet tall to 115 feet tall. Yes, 115 feet. Someone must have decided that it wasn't quite dangerous enough close to the ground, and that the rider should risk his life for the amusement of his audience. My giraffe is 5 and a half feet. Not that size matters...

Mountain Unicycling


This is the art of balancing on one wheel while riding up and down mountainous trails. As if just riding the unicycle isn't difficult enough, mountain unicycling is actually quite a popular activity. Thousands of people around the world completely disregard personal safety just to prove they can do it. It is remarkably fun actually, once you try it. Some examples of tricks include not dying, staying on the unicycle, and conquering the trail.